Salary of the Philippine President: Is it Worth It?

December 4, 2009
Philippine President's Office

Philippine President's Office

I was quite curious during the election period, why candidates risk their lives and their family’s reputations and safety just to win the Philippine Presidential Election 2010.

How much would they pay for all the expenses just to win this political battle?  One of the candidates stated that you need to have a billion pesos to finance your candidacy.  You need to have networks of political leaders for the support.

This is the question of why do they want to win in the election and how do they get their election expenses back if they win?

How much will he earn if he becomes the President?

I researched few articles about it and found out that the salary for the President of the Republic of the Philippines is Php 63,525 a month.  With this amount, he will manage not a small business office but the office of the whole country.

Let’s say that he’ll stay in office for 6 years, multiply it with his monthly salary, he would have a take home pay of P4.6M approximate.   All medical, insurance, food, etc…are all free, charged from the taxpayers money.

Adding them up will not even reach a P20M mark  all in all…HOW can he take back all his billions of expenses during those election period?  Well, every Filipino knows it already…just post your comments guys, if you know how they take their expenses back…

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