Philippine Embassy in Singapore

March 21, 2010

I’ve accompanied a friend to the Philippine Embassy in Singapore.  It was located at 20 Nassim Road, Singapore 258395.

Yes I know it’s Sunday, but they’re open ’til 3pm.

How to get to the Philippine Embassy?

You could ride a bus and alight at the nearest bus stop at Tanglin Road then walk your way through Nassim Road.

If you are taking the train, you can alight at the Orchard Station (NS22), walk pass through Shaw Center and enter the Nassim Road before Tanglin  Shopping Center. This is a 1-km walk, better stretch those muscles.

Try to trace the location on the map labelled letter A.

Philippine Embassy at Singapore Map

If you need to process any document, proceed first to the entrance gate and log in to the record book and the guard on duty will give you the form to fill up.

These are the photos inside the embassy premises.  We arrive at 11am and the sun was shining hot.

Waiting Area

At the waiting area waiting for my friend, facing at the guard house.

People waiting for their turn

Facing at the OWWA windows

Facing Windows 1-4

People queuing for their turn

My friend is the 220th person for that day.

Few tips: Bring with you all the necessary documents that you have, passports, birth certificate and everything.  Bring extra shirt, ballpen, a bottle of water, umbrella and of course…money worth for the fee.

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5 Responses to Philippine Embassy in Singapore

  1. bianca on October 8, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    My experience in the Philippine embassy was terrible. I was there by 9-ish AM and I had to wait for 7 hours just to get my photo ID taken! On top of that, the vending machines weren’t working (lunch break came and I was hungry and thirsty) and the toilet was not properly maintained…

  2. mangalary on October 8, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    You’re right, and we don’t know where our taxes go. You can see the Japanese Embassy, on your way to ours, it’s a mansion. Our Embassy is a bungalow type house, where everyone are crowded in one corner just to have a shade. These basic necessities shouldn’t be ignored.

  3. joana on May 19, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    Hi, i think for me my experienced was diff. We have a bit better embassy now and quite well done also, but i heard lots of words that they dont know much how to entertain their clients.. Tayo ay kapwa filipino pero marami sa staff na di man lang marunong ngumiti at parang galit pa pag-ikay nagtanong.Siguro ay matalino kayo masyado kaya ganyan na lang nyo itrato ang mga nasa baba nyo.. dont be over arrogant, be fair and polite to others.

  4. Jan on November 10, 2011 at 11:50 am

    First of all, we can’t compare the Philippine Embassy in Singapore to that of Japan’s (in size area). We know that for a fact that Japan is far richer than PHL. We should focus our attention on the quality of service that our nationals are getting, which is far far from good. It’s TERRIBLE! Long queue, long wait, under or un-trained people at the window counters, especially in passport processing, we can’t even reach them by phone (always a voicemail that doesn’t give proper options to speak with a human being).

    To Mangalary, with respect to basic necessities, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a mansion or a humble bungalow, what matters is getting efficient and good quality public service. (Who would want to wait on a queue -mansion or bungalow- for 7 or 8 hours just to apply for a passport?)

    To Joana, yes I agree with you that some people at the window counters in the embassy are simply clueless in what they do or simply are robots who just follow faulty procedures created by their superiors (who neither give them much room to think or make decisions). Some of them should either undergo training in customer service or be replaced by a more competent staff and officers.

    I also agree with you that many of our kababayans are arrogant and expect the same quality of service they are getting from the Singaporean system (which is a million times more efficient than PHL system). Arrogance stems from Ignorance.

    Bottomline, we are all frustrated with the kind of service the embassy is providing. I would rate it POOR, Very POOR.

    It’s time for the officers at the embassy to take immediate action to improve service and efficiency. (Re-train your incompetent people or replace them with ones who can deliver exceptional service).

    Some things to think about:

    Why the long queue and long wait? Is the embassy understaffed? If so, can it hire additional staff to handle high volume of applicants? Or is it simply a matter of improving and making procedures more efficient? (A friend of mine was made to apply for passport extension and he was told to go to another office, the ATN section of the embassy, losing his place in the regular passport application queue, and only to find out he faces another long queue in the passport extension in the ATN section. Why can’t this be done all at once at the passport processing counter? Is the processor incapable of handling this simple task?

    Many people I have spoken with have the same issue with not being able to get anyone to pick up the phone at the embassy. We get voicemail that leads us in circles. I am sure the embassy can afford to upgrade its telephone system or simply train everyone in proper telephone etiquette.

    It’s time for the officers of the embassy to take actions on these recurring issues the Filipino community in Singapore is facing. Your inaction has lead to these issues to worsen.

    Improve your service!

  5. upset girl on December 26, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    hi, for my experienced in embassy philippines here in singapore was so horrible back to year 2010 i was applying visa for my daughter,her passport was attached it with her father passport i explain to the visa section my husband was not coming along with us i was expected that it was ok with them then after few minutes she give me a piece of paper written there the date of collecion for my daughter visa me and my daughter was left to the embassy, when i reach to our home i start to sit to my computer then i book our ticket going back to philippines so everything was ok except for my daughter visa, then after few hours i recieve a call from embassy they start to ask if the main holder of the passport was go with the applicant then i said NO i already tell to visa section and give date approval for collection means everything is ok see how this person was so arrogant?she mess up everything we make new passport for my daughter in malaysia we rebook our ticket 3 times how many dollars we loss only for this mistake, i wasn’t forget this experienced all so this lady in visa section maybe different person in charges everyday but i will recognise her once i meet her again back to year in present same story visa problem i try my best to spoke to the staff when i incounter a problem for my daughter visa it was her passport expiry i present a letter from other embassy authentication letter that they will renew my daughter passport just to process her visa because we are running of time our pass was expiry our new pass was still under pocess means we have to leave ASAP in singapore but they will not accept either ok fine we have to make renewal again i only can heard to them is NO when my husband called to the officer they said i have to go back to embassy they will do emergencies process for my daughter visa i believe to other’s gossip about the staff inside our embassy for this experienced they really dont know how to respect there clients especially kapwa filipino, if you ask something to them they give you black face & long face,utleast iparamdam sana ninyo na welcome kami sainyo,if allowed to other;s race to travel in our country without visa or anthing under our philippines laws why should they come to embassy? sana po bagohin ninyo mga pakikitungo ninyo sa mga kapwa filipino dahil obligation ninyo sagutin ang mga katanungan namin lahat na nangangailangan kaya nga po kayo na assign sa possition na yan walang ibang magtulungan kundi kapwa filipino itrato ninyo ang mga tao sa baba ninyo,be polite to others para di tyo nakakahiya sa iba…

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